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    Tags: Abdulvahit Zheenbek Uulu, Abdurashit, Afghanistan Pamir Kyrgyz, afghanistan tourism, Azhy Rushan, Azhybutu Abdilgani Uulu, central asian nomads, Eraaly Khan, Eraaly Khan death, Gorno-Badakhshan, hard conditions in pamirs, Khan Eraaly, kurultai, kyrgyz nomads, Kyrgyzstan, Murgab, Naryn, new khan, nomads, Pamir Kyrgyz, Radio Azattyk, real men, relocation of pamir kyrgyz in afghanistan, thrilling tourist experiences, tough nomads, traditional lifestyles, where to go in afghanistan   

    Pamir Kyrgyz to hold elections for a new Khan 


    Ethnic Kyrgyz who live in the Pamirs in Afghanistan will soon hold elections for a new khan. This was reported by Radio Azattyk.

    The Pamir Kyrgyz Khan Eraaly died on July 15, 2018. Initially the journalist Zhanyl Zhusupzhan, investigating the lives of the Pamir Kyrgyz people, told Azattyk that the son of the deceased Jeanbai would now take the place of the khan. But now the local resident Abdulvahit Zheenbek Uulu told the radio station that the Kyrgyz are going to hold elections.

    Jeenbek Uulu said: “The head should be a person who can meet the officials coming here, who is able to negotiate with them, hospitable, and able to take care of the people.” According to him, the most likely winner of the elections is Azhybutu Abdilgani Uulu, born in 1974.

    Khan Eraaly ruled the Pamir Kyrgyz for more than five years. He was 68 years old, and recently fell seriously ill. Shortly before his death, the Khan was transferred to the hospital of the Murgab district of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast of Tajikistan. However, the doctors could not save his life.

    Now about 400 Kyrgyz families live in the Pamirs. In 2012, when the expedition of the weekly “MK-Asia” traveled to the Pamirs, the local Kyrgyz were ruled by the 30-year-old Khan Azhy Rushan. He inherited power from his father, Khan Abdurashit. As journalists found out, Azhy Rushan did not enjoy prestige among fellow tribesmen. Perhaps it was doubt in the young Khan’s competence that later forced the Pamir Kyrgyz people to transfer leadership to the elderly Eraala.

    Pamir Kirghiz live in very poor and unsanitary conditions. In addition, due to severe climatic conditions, closely related marriages, and the inaccessibility of medicine, they often get sick and die. Infant and maternal mortality is extremely high. Local conditions are not suitable even for breeding horses. Newborn foals do not survive in the highlands, so local residents purchase from plain Kyrgyz only adult horses, but not foals.

    The Kyrgyz authorities in recent years have given regular humanitarian aid to the Pamir Kyrgyz. In 2017, a program to relocate the people to their historical homeland started. However, in July 2018 it became known that six months later many settlers had begun planning to return to the Pamir. In the Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan, where they were helped to move, they had to live in sheds and graze cattle, and did not find any other housing or work. In addition, they could not fit in with the local residents, who speak a different dialect of the Kyrgyz language, among other things.

    Translated from http://www.gumilev-center.ru/pamirskie-kirgizy-provedut-vybory-novogo-khana/

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    Tags: Censorship in Kyrgyzstan, Censorship of SoundCloud, , Internet censorship in Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan, SoundCloud censorship   

    Kyrgyzstan has listed SoundCloud as an “extremist” website 

    Soundcloud, the online music and audio sharing social platform, has been listed as an extremist site in Kyrgyzstan. However, the site itself is still available to local residents.

    The reason for blocking the popular online platform in Kyrgyzstan was allegedly the placement of prohibited materials on it. In October 2017, the District Court of Bishkek ruled that the service was “extremist.”

    Responsibility for introducing restrictions on the use of the service is vested in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State National Security Committee and the State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications. “At the same time, users themselves will not be brought to account,” said Syita Sourbaeva, a spokesperson for the Supreme Court.

    According to her, the General Prosecutor’s Office appealed to the court to recognize the service as extreme because extremist materials were found on it.

    The head of the legal company Precedent, Fatima Yakupbaeva, explained that, judging from the October court ruling, recognition of SoundCloud as extremist could mean a ban on all content on the site. She does not understand how it is possible to supervise the execution of such a court decision.

    “The decision on SoundCloud is just like banning any social network in Kyrgyzstan. How will they do this? Take away mobile phones from citizens and force them to delete music and SoundCloud?” says Yakupbaeva.

    Sapar Bakhirdinov, an official representative of the State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic, explained to Azattyk that the platform remain unblock due to “technical reasons”.

    “We send letters to every ISP that can impose restrictions. At present, some of them lack the technical capacity to introduce restrictions. In fact, it was [legally] possible to introduce a restriction only on audio files, since the site operates as a social network. But we do not have the ability to block audio separately, so we have to introduce a restriction on the entire site, “he said.

    SoundCloud is a service for hosting and sharing music and audio recordings. You can use the site for free to listen to audio, but you need to pay to download tracks beyond a certain limit.

    Translated from RosKomSvoboda: https://roskomsvoboda.org/38838/

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