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    News: State Terrorism in China 

    Thought Police in China Abduct, Abuse, Brainwash Innocents

    Forced Disappearances in China

    Organ Harvesting in China

    Orwell’s Surveillance State Comes to Life in China

    China Plans to Base Individual Rights on Score Derived from Surveillance

    The overall picture is, the Communists are watching you and if you are religious or free-minded you are more likely to be abducted, tortured, murdered, or have your organs stolen.

    “For the past year, Chen’s war has meant mass detentions, splintered families, lives consumed by uncertainty.”

    “Those of Uighur ethnicity are automatically docked 10 points. Being aged between 15 and 55, praying daily, or having a religious education, all result in 10 point deductions.

    In the final columns, each Uighur resident’s score is tabulated and checked ‘trusted,’ ‘ordinary,’ or ‘not trusted.’ Activists say they anecdotally hear about Uighurs with low scores being sent to indoctrination.” [Independent UK]

    “IMAGINE being abducted and whisked away to a cell where you spend the next several months or years with no charge or conviction. There, authorities torture you and force you to watch films designed to brainwash in a bid to align your views with those of China’s ruling Communist Party.”

    “…You might make it out alive after years of enduring the brutal treatment. Or you might be secretly executed. There’s also a strong chance you might die on the operating table after surgeons sedate you and start removing organs from your body, one by one — while you’re still alive. The government will say that you simply disappeared or that you were never there to begin with. But it’ll most likely say nothing at all.” [News.com.au]

    History: Torture, mass murder, rape and cannibalism in China

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    News: Furious Reactions to Trump’s Jerusalem Decision 


    US President Donald Trump has fulfilled his campaign promise to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and begin plans to move the US embassy there. This decision has infuriated Muslims, Arabs, and Palestine sympathizers across the world, and resulted in many protests across the Middle East, as well as in Malaysia, Indonesia, and parts of Europe. The move has been rightly condemned on account of its unfairness to Palestinians, as well as its likelihood to inflame the region and cause bloodshed. Trump, however, has described it as “nothing more or less than a recognition of reality.” The decision has led to outbursts of anti-American and anti-Israel sentiment, including the chanting of slogans and burning and stomping on flags. Others have taken to mocking Trump on Twitter.

    The Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called for a new Palestinian uprising against Israel. Protests have broken out in the West Bank, and Israel has boosted its security presence in the area. Several rockets were fired from Gaza, one of which hit the entrance of a kindergarten. Subsequently, Israel carried out a bombing expedition in Gaza which injured more than twenty Palestinians, including children. A Palestinian in Jerusalem stabbed an Israeli. Hundreds of Palestinian protesters have been injured, and two men were shot dead.

    An emergency United Nations Security Council meeting was held in response to Trump’s decision, in which five European UNSC members strongly denounced the move, without taking further action.

    Turkish President Erdogan has been particularly vocal. He warned before the move that it was a “red line” and would throw the region into a “ring of fire,” and he further threatened to cut off Turkey’s diplomatic ties with Israel. After the announcement of the decision, Erdogan described Israel as an “occupying state” and “terror state” that “kills children.” He and French President Macron jointly agreed to urge the US to reconsider its decision.

    A meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (consisting of 57 member states with large Muslim populations) has been scheduled in Istanbul to discuss the issue. The Arab League (consisting of 22 Arab member states) condemned the decision as a violation of international law and announced its intention to seek a U.N. Security Council resolution rejecting the decision.

    The parliament of Jordan has voted to review their peace treaty with Israel. However, any major foreign policy decisions will have to be approved by the King Abdullah II. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has cancelled his planned meeting with US Vice President Mike Pence. The Patriarch of the Coptic Church of Egypt has likewise announced that he will not be receiving Pence on his upcoming visit to Egypt.

    Jerusalem is of great significance to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Trump’s move has been ascribed by some to Evangelical motives. Whatever Trump’s intentions were, it can still be hoped that the different parties involved will incline towards peace and that the decision will not prevent productive negotiations from taking place.








    Rocket fired from Gaza damages entrance of Israeli kindergarten







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    فيروز – بقطفلك بس Fairuz – Batiflak Bass 

    I only pick you.. this time.. only this time..

    And only tomorrow a flower.. a red flower and that’s it..

    And afterwards all I want is a home for you.

    My house is promised when I speak to you.

    Oh woe to my eyes, how I will miss you.

    I’m like a crazy person, I’m saying to you.

    I only pick you.. this time.. only this time..

    And only tomorrow a flower.. a red flower and that’s it..

    I dream that you will remain for a month, you’re on my mind.
    I wish to say poetry, I don’t know what to say.

    Remember again how we stayed awake in my tent.
    As we stayed awake I slowly said these words:

    I only pick you.. this time.. only this time..

    And only tomorrow a flower.. a red flower and that’s it..

    [Translated by Zebulon Ulysses Goertzel]

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    French Civil Code: Cases of Divorce 

    Book I: On Persons

    Section VI: On Divorce

    Chapter I: On Cases of Divorce

    Article 229

    Spouses may mutually consent to divorce by a privately signed deed that is countersigned by lawyers and legally filed with a notary.

    Divorce may be decreed in the following cases:

    • Mutual consent, in the case provided for under 1° of Article 229-2;
    • Agreement on the principle of ending the marriage;
    • Definitive alteration of the marital relation;
    • Fault.

    Section 1: On Divorce by Mutual Consent

    Subsection 1: On Divorce by mutual consent by a privately signed deed that is countersigned by lawyers and legally filed with a notary

    Article 229-1

    When the spouses agree on ending the marriage and its consequences, they shall record this agreement, each accompanied by a lawyer, in the form of a privately signed deed that is countersigned by their lawyers and made under the conditions provided for under Article 1374.

    This agreement shall be legally filed with a notary, who verifies its conformity with the formal requirements provided under 1° to 6° of Article 229-3. He also ensures that the draft agreement was not signed before the expiration of the period of reflection provided for under Article 229-4.

    This filing takes effect on the agreement by giving it a fixed date and enforceability.

    Article 229-2

    The spouses cannot mutually consent to divorce by a privately signed deed that is countersigned by lawyers if:

    1° A minor, informed by his parents of his right to be heard by the judge under the conditions provided for under Article 388-1, requests a hearing before the judge.

    2° One of the spouses is placed under one of the protection systems provided for in Chapter II of Section XI of the present book.

    Article 229-3

    Consent to divorce and its consequences is not presumed.

    The agreement must explicitly include, on pain of nullity:

    1° The first name, last name, profession, residence, nationality, date and place of birth of each spouse, the date and place of their marriage, as well as the same information for each of their children, if applicable;

    2° The name, professional address and professional organization of the lawyers tasked with assisting the spouses as well as the bar to which they belong.

    3° A statement of the agreement of the spouses on the ending of the marriage and its consequences under the terms stated in the agreement.

    4° The complete terms of settlement of the consequences of the divorce in conformity with Chapter III of the present section, notably if there is a payment of a compensatory allowance

    5° The statement of realization and liquidation of the matrimonial regime, if applicable in the authentic notarized form when the liquidation applies to goods submitted to the land registry, or a declaration that there was no liquidation.

    6° A statement that the minor was informed by his or her parents of his or her right to be heard by the judge under the conditions provided for under Article 388-1 and that he or she does not wish to use this right.

    Article 229-4

    The lawyer sends to the spouse who he assists, by registered mail with a request for acknowledgement of receipt, a draft agreement, which cannot be signed, at pain of nullity, before the expiration of the period of reflection which lasts fifteen days from its reception.

    The agreement becomes enforceable on the day it acquires a fixed date.

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    Layla – Poem by Shaykh Al-Alawi 


    Full near I came unto where dwelleth
    Layla, when I heard her call

    That voice, would I might ever hear it!

    She favored me, and drew me to her,

    Took me in, into her precinct,

    With discourse intimate addressed me.

    She sat me by her, then came closer,
    Raised the cloak that hid her from me,
    Made me marvel to distraction,
    Bewildered me with all her beauty.
    She took me and amazed me,
    And hid me in her inmost self,
    Until I thought that she was I,
    And my life she took as ransom.
    She changed me and transfigured me,
    And marked me with her special sign,
    Pressed me to her, put me from her,
    Named me as she is named.
    Having slain and crumbled me,
    She steeped the fragments in her blood.
    Then, after my death, she raised me:
    My star shines in her firmament.
    Where is my life, and where my body,
    Where my willful soul? From her
    The truth of these shone out to me
    Secrets that had been hidden from me.
    Mine eyes have never seen but her:
    To naught else can they testify.
    All meanings in her are comprised.
    Glory be to her Creator!
    Thou that beauty wouldst describe,
    Here is something of her brightness
    Take it from me. It is my art.
    Think it not idle vanity.
    My Heart lied not when it divulged
    The secret of my meeting her.
    If nearness unto her effaceth,

    I still subsist in her subsistence.”

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    Fairuz – They said calm down فيروز – قلولي كن 


    They told me to calm down
    And look I’m gonna go crazy my Darlings
    Mother oh mother
    Fire on top of the mountains
    Fire on top of the mountains
    My Darlings, oh Mother, left me
    They went far away and forgot me
    And now our love is on my mind
    Fire on top of the mountains
    They told me to calm down
    And look I’m gonna go crazy my Darlings
    Mother oh mother
    Fire on top of the mountains
    Fire on top of the mountains
    I intend to go to the far away mountains
    Standing and waving my hands
    And looking at the tents on top
    Fire on top of the mountains
    They told me to calm down
    And look I’m gonna go crazy my Darlings
    Mother oh mother
    Fire on top of the mountains
    Fire on top of the mountains
    Fire on top of the mountains

    قالولي كن وأنا رايح جن حبابي يمه يا يمه 

    نار بروس الجبالِ 

    حبابي يمه تركوني وراحوا بعيد ونسيوني وبعدو حبن على بالي

    نار بروس الجبالِ  

    لاقصد جبال بعيدة أوقف لوّح بإيدي وشوف خيامن عالعالي 

    نار بروس الجبالِ


    Translated by your truly who does not know Arabic very well with the help of an anonymous Arab.

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    فيروز – يا عاقد الحاجبين Fairuz O Tall-browed One 

    English Lyrics:

    O tall-browed one
    What’s on your forehead drives me crazy

    If you intended to kill me
    You killed me twice… you killed me twice

    The gazelles come (i.e. his eyes) to leap among the paths and around me
    And I didn’t set up my window and prepare my eyes… and prepare my eyes

    It looks like you see me and your eyes fill mine
    And my actions are like yours, woe to me one of two assassins
    O my guardian! I was only kept alive by two glances
    I fear the rhymes will call to you in the two easts… to you in the two easts



    يا عاقد الحاجبين

    على الجبين اللُجين

    إن كنت تقصد قتلي

    قتلتني مرتينِ

    تمرّ قَفْزَ غزالٍ

    بين الرصيف وبيني

    وما نَصَبْتُ شباكي

    ولا أذِنْتُ لِعيني

    تبدو كأنْ لا تَرَانِي

    ومِلْءُ عينِكَ عيني

    ومثل فعلك فعلي

    وَيْلِي من الأحْمَقَينِ

    مولايَ لم تُبْقِ منّي

    حيّاً سوى رَمَقينِ

    أخافُ تدعو القوافي

    عليك في المشرقينِ


    Translated by yours truly who does not know Arabic very well. With the help of anonymous arabs. Feel free to contact me if you notice any mistakes.

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    زهور حسين – لوللغرام حاكم Zohar Hussein – If not for Love 


    لوللغرام حاكم .. كنت اشتكي امري وأقول الحبيب ظالم .. بكاني طول عمري

    If it weren’t for Love, o Ruler ..  I would have complained about my orders and said the Darling is an Oppressor .. I would have cried for my whole life ..

    Si ce n’était pas pour l’Amour, o Règle .. je me serais plainte de mes ordres et j’aurais dit “Le Chéri est un Oppresseur”.. j’aurais pleuré toute ma vie ..

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    Fairuz – WARAQO EL ASFAR – English & Français 

    ورقو الاصفر / WARAQO EL ASFAR / Yellow Leaves/ Feuilles Jaunes

    English Lyrics / Paroles en Français / كلمات بالانجليزي و الفرنساوي


    Yellow leaves
    In the month of September
    beneath your youthfulness
    remind me of you
    And the yellow leaves
    (were) gold jewelry
    beneath your youthfulness
    beneath your youthfulness

    September returns and you are far from my cloudiness, my sorrow, its moon is one
    It makes me cry in this September winter and awakens me to you my Love
    The September winter nights resemble your eyes
    I wish for the wind if you forgot to come, my Love, on the first of Autumn
    The poplar forgets it and its moon hides and the night drags on
    And we remain, my Love, a stranger and my Stranger, me and September



    Feuilles jaunes
    au mois de Septembre
    sous ta jeunesse
    me font rappeler de toi
    Et les feuilles jaunes
    (étaient) des bijoux dorés
    sous ta jeunesse
    sous ta jeunesse

    Septembre revient et t’es loin de ma tristesse, ma nébulosité, sa lune est seule
    Ça me fait pleurer en hiver de Septembre et ça me reveille a toi mon Amour
    Les nuits d’hiver de Septembre ressemblent a tes yeux
    Je veux du vent si tu as oublié de venir, mon Amour, la première journée d’Automne
    Le peuplier l’oublie et sa lune se cache et la nuit s’éternise
    Et nous restons, mon Amour, une étrangère et mon Étranger, moi et la Septembre



    ورقو الأصفر شهر أيلول تحت الشبابيك

    ذكرني و ورقو ذهب مشغول ذكرني فيك

    رجع أيلول و أنت بعيد بغيمي حزيني قمرها وحيد

    بيصير يبكيني شتي أيلول و يفيقني عليك يا حبيبي

    ليالي شتي أيلول بتشبه عينيك

    يا ريت الريح إذا أنتا نسيت حبيبي أول الخريف و ما جيت

    ينساها الحور و قمرها يغيب و ليلا يطول

    و نبقى حبيبي غريبي و غريب أنا و أيلول



    Karaoke Version:

    ورقو الأصفر

    شهر أيلووول


    تحت الشبابيييك

    ذكرني و ورقو ذهب مشغوووول


    ذكرني فيييك

    ذكرني فيييك


    ورقو الأصفر

    شهر أيلووول


    تحت الشبابيييك

    ذكرني و ورقو ذهب مشغوووول


    ذكرني فيييك

    ذكرني فيييك


    رجع أيلول

    و أنت بعيد

    بغيمي حزيني

    قمرها وحيد


    رجع أيلول

    ي ليل

    ي ليل

    ي ليل

    ي ليل

    ي ليل

    ي ليل

    ي ليل


    رجع أيلول

    و أنت بعيد

    بغيمي حزيني

    قمرها وحيد


    بيصير يبكييني

    شتي أيلوول

    و يفيقني عليك يا حبيبي


    بيصير يبكييني

    شتي أيلوول

    و يفيقني عليك يا حبيبي


    ليالي شتي أيلول

    بتشبه  عين عينيك



    ورقو الأصفر

    شهر أيلووول


    تحت الشبابيييك

    ذكرني و ورقو ذهب مشغوووول


    ذكرني فيييك

    ذكرني فيييك


    يا ريت الريح

    إذا أنتا نسيت حبيبي

    أول الخريف و ما جيت



    يا ريت الريح

    إذا أنتا نسيت يا حبيبي

    أول الخريف و ما جيت


    ينساها الحور و قمرها يغيب

    ينساها الحور و قمرها يغيب


    و ليلا يطوووول


    و نبقى حبيبي غريبي و غريب

    و نبقى حبيبي غريبي و غريب


    أنا و أيلووول


    ورقو الأصفر

    شهر أيلووول


    تحت الشبابيييك

    ذكرني و ورقو ذهب مشغوووول


    ذكرني فييك

    ذكرني فيييك

    ذكرني فيييك

    ذكرني فيييك


    Translated by myself, who does not know Arabic very well, with the assistance of some anonymous Arabs. Do not hesitate to notify me of any defects in the translations.

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    Avesta: Daena in the Gathas 

    Daena is…

    A good creation of Ahura Mazda, a supreme blessing for all living beings. Something whose allies are friends of God. Something eternal dictating that the supporters of evil beings are evil and the lovers of good beings are good. Something divided into good and evil. Something to be done, helped, obtained, improved, perfected, followed, taught and propagated. Daena is taught and propagated by Saoshyants and good people. Daena can be obtained through Asha (Righteous Truth) and Armaiti. Daena delivers the wicked to darkness and the righteous to light. Daena shames the wicked but pleases and helps the righteous. An individual’s Daena is manifested in their works, which can be good or evil. An evil person’s Daena leads them along their evil paths. Daena leads to Vohu Mana (Good Mind and Heart). Daena conquers.

    Disclaimer: I do not know Avestan! These interpretations are taken from translations.

    Here is every instance I found of the word Daena in the Gathas:


    hyat nê mazdâ paourvîm gaêthåscâ tashô daênåscâ thwâ mananghâ xratûshcâ hyat astvañtem dadå ushtanem hyat shyaothanâcâ sêñghãscâ ýathrâ varenêñg vaså dâyetê.

    Daena as creation of Mazda, mentioned alongside other good creations.


    ýê âyat ashavanem divamnem hôi aparem xshyô daregêm âyû temanghô dushhvarethêm avaêtâs vacô têm vâ ahûm dregvañtô shyaothanâish hvâish daênâ naêshat.

    Daena as something that delivers the wicked through their own acts to the land of darkness (Jahannam).


    rafedhrâi vourucashânê dôishî-môi ýâ-vê abifrâ tâ xshathrahyâ ahurâ ýâ vanghêush ashish mananghô frô speñtâ ârmaitê ashâ daênå fradaxshayâ.

    Daena as something to be realized or obtained through or in the form of Spenta Armaiti and Asha.


    têm advânem ahurâ ýêm môi mraosh vanghêush mananghô daênå saoshyañtãm ýâ hû-karetâ ashâcît urvâxshat hyat civishtâ hudâbyô mîzhdem mazdâ ýehyâ tû dathrem.

    Daena as the law or teaching of the Saoshyants.


    tat thwâ peresâ eresh-môi vaocâ ahurâ, kathâ-môi ýãm ýaosh daênãm ýaosh dânê ýãm hudânâush paitishe sah’yât xshathrahyâ ereshvâ xshathrâ thwâvãs asîshtîsh mazdâ hademôi ashâ vohucâ shyãs mananghâ.

    Daena as something Zarathustra wants to devote wholly to Ahura Mazda.


    tat thwâ peresâ eresh-môi vaocâ ahurâ tãm daênãm ýâ hâtãm vahishtâ ýâ-môi gaêthå ashâ frâdôit hacêmnâ ârmatôish uxdhâish shyaothanâ eresh daidyat mah’yå cistôish thwâ îshtîsh usên mazdâ.

    Daena as the best blessing for all living beings and a bringer of prosperity.


    tat thwâ peresâ eresh-môi vaocâ ahurâ, kathâ têñg-â vîjêmyât ârmaitish ýaêibyô mazdâ thwôi vashyetê daênâ azêm tôi âish pouruyô fravôivîdê vîspêñg anyêñg manyêush spasyâ dvaêshanghâ.

    Daena as something that is proclaimed or propagated.


    at fravaxshyâ anghêush mainyû pouruyê ýayå spanyå ûitî mravat ýêm añgrem, nôit nâ manå nôit sêñghâ nôit xratavô naêdâ varanâ nôit uxdhâ naêdâ shyaothanâ nôit daênå nôit urvãnô hacaiñtê.

    Daena as something that differs between the good and evil spirits.


    ýastâ daêvêñg aparô mashyãscâ tarê-mãstâ ýôi îm tarê-manyañtâ anyêñg ahmât ýê hôi arêm manyâtâ saoshyañtô dêñg patôish speñtâ daênâ urvathô barâtâ patâ vâ mazdâ ahurâ!

    Daena as something helped or served by Saoshyants or other good people, who thereby earn the friendship of Ahura Mazda.


    at ýastêm nôit nâ isemnô âyât drûjô hvô dâmãn haêthahyâ gât hvô zî dregvå ýê dregvâitê vahishtô hvô ashavâ ýahmâi ashavâ fryô hyat daênå paouruyå då ahurâ.

    Daena as the first/eternal something (law) laid down by Ahura, dictating that the partisans and supporters of evil beings are evil, and the lovers of good beings are good.


    kêm-nâ mazdâ mavaitê pâyûm dadât hyat mâ dregvå dîdareshatâ aênanghê anyêm thwahmât âthrascâ mananghascâ ýayå shyaothanâish ashem thraoshtâ ahurâ tãm môi dãstvãm daênayâi frâvaocâ.

    Daena as something that will benefit from or learn along with Zarathustra the answer to Zarathustra’s question about who his protector will be other than Vohu Mana and Ahura’s fire.


    xshathrâish ýûjên karapanô kâvayascâ akâish shyaothanâish ahûm mereñgeidyâi mashîm ýêñg hvê urvâ hvaêcâ xraodat daênâ hyat aibî-gemen ýathrâ cinvatô peretush ýavôi vîspâi drûjô demânâi astayô.

    Daena as something that the wicked are ashamed of and chides them as they go towards Hell.


    at ýastêm nôit nâ isemnô âyât drûjô hvô dâmãn haêthahyâ gât hvô zî dregvå ýê dregvâitê vahishtô hvô ashavâ ýahmâi ashavâ fryô hyat daênå paouruyå då ahurâ.

    Daena as something that helps seekers of truth, and/or something to be rewarded to the righteous.


    ýê dât manô vahyô mazdâ ashyascâ hvô daênãm shyaothanâcâ vacanghâcâ ahyâ zaoshêñg ushtish varenêñg hacaitê thwahmî xratå apêmem nanâ anghat.

    Daena as something manifested in decisions that can be good or bad.


    ýôi dush-xrathwâ aêshemem vareden râmemcâ hvâish hizubîsh fshuyasû afshuyañtô ýaêshãm nôit hvarshtâish vãs duzhvarshtâ tôi daêvêñg dãn ýâ dregvatô daênâ.

    Daena of the wicked associated with evil, misguidance, and the work of the Daevas.


    at hvô mazdâ îzhâcâ âzûitishcâ ýê daênãm vohû sârshtâ mananghâ ârmatôish kascît ashâ huzêñtush tâishcâ vîspâish thwahmî xshathrôi ahurâ.

    Daena of the righteous as something to be attached to Vohu Mana that delivers them to the Kingdom of Light.


    frô vå fraêshyâ mazdâ ashemcâ mrûitê dà ýâ vê xratêush xshmâkahyâ â-mananghâ eresh vîcidyâi ýathâ-î srâvayaêmâ tãm daênãm ýâ xshmâvatô ahurâ.

    Daena associated with someone speaking and teaching.


    sraotû sâsnå fshêñghyô suyê tashtô nôit eresh-vacå sarêm didãs dregvâtâ hyat daênå vahishtê ýûjên mîzhdê ashâ ýuxtâ ýâhî dêjâmâspâ.

    Daena associated with spiritual success.


    tâ dregvatô maredaitî daênâ erezâush haithîm ýehyâ urvâ xraodaitî cinvatô peretå âkå h’âish shyaothanâish hizvascâ ashahyâ nãsvå pathô.

    Daena as something that leads the wicked astray or causes him to attack good things.


    berexdhãm môi ferashaoshtrô hvô-gvô daêdôisht kehrpêm daênayâi vanghuyâi ýãm hôi ishyãm dâtû xshayãs mazdå ahurô ashahyâ âzhdyâi gerezdîm.

    Daena as something for the sake of which the speaker (Zarathustra?) wishes that Frashaoshtra Hvogva will be granted someone dear and beautiful.


    hvô tat nâ maidyôi-månghâ spitamâ ahmâi dazdê daênayâ vaêdemnô ýê ahûm ishasãs aibî mazdå dâtâ mraot gayehyâ shyaothanâish vahyô.

    Daena as something related to wisdom or knowledge.


    ârmatôish nâ speñtô hvô cistî uxdhâish shyaothanâ daênâ ashem spênvat vohû xshathrem mananghâ mazdå dadât ahurô têm vanguhîm ýâsâ ashîm.

    Daena as something that is advanced by holiness and/or advances a person in holiness.


    vahishtâ îshtish srâvî zarathushtrahê dà spitâmahyâ ýezî hôi dât âyaptâ ashât hacâ ahurô mazdå ýavôi vîspâi â hvanghevîm ýaêcâ hôi daben sasheñcâ daênayå vanghuyå uxdhâ shyaothanâcâ (2). (zôt,)

    Daena as something good to be done, perfected, or taught.


    atcâ hôi scañtû mananghâ uxdhâish shyaothanâishcâ xshnûm mazdå vahmâi â fraoret ýasnãscâ kavacâ vîshtâspô zarathushtrish spitâmô ferashaoshtrascâ dånghô erezûsh pathô ýãm daênãm ahurô saoshyañtô dadât.

    Daena as something to be followed and done, something given to Saoshyants.


    têm zî vê speredânî varânî ýâ fedhrôi vîdât paithyaêcâ vâstryaêibyô atcâ hvaêtaovê ashâunî ashavabyô mananghô vanghêush hvênvat hanghush mêm bêedush mazdå dadât ahurô daênayâi vanghuyâi ýavôi vîspâi â.

    Daena as something good to be granted or benefited in association with Vohu Mana.


    sâhvênî vazyamnâbyô kainibyô mraomî xshmaibyâcâ vademnô mêñcâ-î mãzdazdûm vaêdôdûm daênâbîsh abyascâ ahûm ýê vanghêush mananghô ashâ vê anyô ainîm vîvêñghatû tat zî hôi hushênem anghat.

    Daena as something through which one understands or attains Vohu Mana.

    Yasna Haptanghaiti:


    ahurem mazdãm ashavanem ashahe ratûm ýazamaide, ameshâ speñtâ huxshathrâ hudhånghô ýazamaide, vîspãm ashaonô stîm ýazamaide mainyevîmcâ gaêthyãmcâ berejâ vanghêush ashahe berejâ daênayå vanghuyå mâzdayasnôish. (râspî,) (ahurem … mâzdayasnôish (2).)

    Daena as the Mazdayasni religion, something to be revered and ritually honored.


    vohucâ manô ýazamaidê vohucâ xshathrem vanguhîmcâ daênãm vanguhîmcâ fseratûm vanguhîmcâ ârmaitîm. ýenghê hâtãm … tåscâ ýazamaide!!



    daitikanãmcâ aidyûnãm hyat urunô ýazamaidê, ashâunãm âat urunô ýazamaidê kudô-zâtanãmcît narãmcâ nâirinãmcâ ýaêshãm vahehîsh daênå vanaiñtî vâ vêñghen vâ vaonarê vâ.

    Daena as something belonging to the righteous that conquers.


    âhû at paitî adâhû mazdâ ahurâ mazdãmcâ bûiricâ kereshvâ râitî tôi xrapaitî ahmat hyat aibî, hyat mîzhdem mavaêthem fradadâthâ daênâbyô mazdâ ahurâ

    Daena as something relating to gifts and blessings?


    thwôi staotarascâ mãthranascâ ahuramazdâ aogemadaêcâ usmahicâ vîsâmadaêcâ, hyat mîzhdem mavaêthem fradadâthâ daênâbyô mazdâ ahurâ, (thwôi staotarascâ … mazdâ ahurâ (2),)


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