How to Use the Internet Puritanically

The following advice is useful not only for Puritanical Christians, Jews, and Muslims, but also for anyone who does not want random corporate garbage and smut invading their mind.

1. Use an adblocker. Ads are designed to manipulate you, so whatever they want you to do, don’t do it. Ads want you to view them, so block them. Ads want you to buy something or use a service, so boycott anything you see an ad for.

2. Browse with Javascript disabled by default. This can be done with the NoScript or ScriptSafe plugins. This prevents various kinds of unsavory content from running in your browser, giving you more freedom to choose what is displayed.

3. Use an image blocker plugin, which allows you to block all images on a site. This will protect your eyes from ungodly sights on sites where you really only want to read the text. (uBlock Origin includes this feature).

4. Use a firewall or family internet filter to block nasty sites by category (porn, gambling, etc.).

5. Use safesearch. Avoid all image searches.

6. Don’t browse carelessly or randomly; think about what it is that you specifically want to do and do that.

7. Avoid sites with massive amounts of user-uploaded content such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., if you do not want to see random content that may taint your purity.

8. Use non-graphic interfaces when possible. For example, by using mps-youtube you avoid all the unsavory thumbnails on Youtube.

9. Consider using a text-only browser such as Lynx.

By Henry L. MacGregor