State of the Modern World Address – October 2018



Careless Destruction of Most of Earth’s Species

There’s Plastic in Your Poop: Study Warns Microplastics May Be Hurting Us All



Scientists prove human activity is the top cause of warming Antarctic waters

As the Antarctic Peninsula heats up, the rules of life there are being ripped apart


Russia & Ukraine

Russian Ministry Warns of Coming Environmental Apocalypse Fueled by Climate Change

Russian Environmental Situation Deteriorating in Recent Years

War-Related Environmental Disaster in Ukraine


North America

Arctic Offshore Wells Approved Off Alaska’s Coast

America’s era of climate mass migration is here

Monsanto Found Guilty for Giving Man Cancer

British Columbia approved 83 logging cut blocks in endangered caribou habitat in last six months


Latin America

Chile becomes first Latin America country to ban commercial use of plastic bags

Mexico creates biodiversity bank

Amazon on the brink of doom

Capitalists continue to murder environmental activists in Brazil



Wales Pledges to Leave Its Remaining Coal in the Ground

EU Nations Reach Agreement on Imposing Emission Cuts on Carmakers

Single-use plastics ban approved by European Parliament

Istanbul Vending Machines Offer Subway Credit for Recycled Bottles and Cans

Rebellion Against Environment Abuse Commences in UK


Middle East and North Africa

Exposing The Environmental Costs of War

Israel Uses Environmental Violence Against Palestine

Hamas Uses Environmental Violence Against Israel

Egypt’s Water Crisis: a Recipe for Disaster

War Spoils: BP and Eni to start drilling in Libya within months

Climate change is making the Arab world more miserable

Iran at risk of losing majority of its farmlands



Nigeria has some of the world’s most polluted cities — and that isn’t about to change

Fish dwindle in the traditionally rich waters of Tanzania

Gabon economically grows at expense of environment

All-Female Wildlife Avengers Take Out Rhino Poachers


Central Asia

Climate Change May Cause Wars in Central Asia

Efforts to Utilize the Dead Land Left By Soviet Annihilation of Aral Sea

Kazakhs Preserve What Remains of Northern Aral Sea



China is producing banned ozone-damaging chemicals

Beijing’s Choking Smog is Back

Scientists warn of China’s disappearing glaciers

Man-made oasis: Xinjiang’s “green wall” fights expanding desert

China Harming South American Environment



India pledges to remove all single-use plastics by 2022

India’s Power Generation At Its Cleanest-Ever As Thermal Share Falls



Tourism boom threatens Chàm Island ecosystems



Ecologically Important Hawaiian Island Has Vanished


Solomon Islands

Logging For China Is Decimating Forests in the Solomon Islands



Indonesians can pay bus fare with plastic waste instead of money



Central Australia may have seen the world’s worst rate of mammal extinction but it could get worse

Rising gas output raises Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions



Zero-Waste Kitchens and Low-Energy Cooking

Environmental Harm of Halloween