The book is better than the VR course


The “Gamification in Education” discussion

In a speech at the international forum held in June, ED summit, the head of one of the world’s most famous applications for the study of English, Dmitry Zaruta, drew attention to the fact that the more game elements are introduced into education, the more the content is lost.

“Conversion in mastering the material after reading a well-written book will be much higher than the conversion after completing an augmented or virtual reality course,” says Zaruta. “People are very fond of technology, despite the fact that what a person needs is content.”

According to Dmitry, the technology is just a package that works on the “wow factor.” If there is no high-quality content inside, it loses its meaning and quickly gets boring: “When you put on VR glasses for the first time, the first 5-10 minutes you will learn a new experience. But in a day, two, three, if there is nothing interesting inside, you will not stay.”

The whole point is how interesting and useful the content for device is, says Dmitry: “There [in content development is where] most of the resources of those engaged in education should be directed, and not in the development of new technologies without a base.”

Dmitry Zaruta is the founder of the Easy Ten app for learning English with ten new words a day. Easy Ten has more than 1.5 million users. In 2014, it was recognized as the best new app for iOS users, and in 2015 it received the Choice of the Apple Editorial Board Award.

Translated from Edutainme: