Yandex, the biggest pirate of the Runet

Yandex is the biggest resource for finding pirated content on the Runet.


The head of the online cinema Ivi, Oleg Tumanov, said that Yandex’s share in the search traffic of the ten largest Russian pirate film services is 78%.

Search engines are the main source of traffic to pirated resources, continued Oleg Tumanov in his presentation during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). These statistics came from Similarweb and Yandex.Metrics.

“The large pirate sites were generally blocked,” he said earlier in an interview with the Russian media, “but then there were medium and small-sized pirate sites that rise in search results, mainly on Yandex, and not on Google. Yandex allows you to find pirated resources and watch their content, which creates huge problems for legal distribution.”

Alexander Akopov, a member of the Board of the Association of Cinema and Television Producers and co-founder of the producing company Cosmos Studio, said that Yandex today is the main platform for finding pirated content in Russia. According to him, piracy in also done with Google, but the American company does less harm:

“We are negotiating with Yandex for a settlement of the situation of the search providing pirated content, but so far it has been inconclusive.”

Yandex’s search engine operates in accordance with the current legislation. The company explained that “videotapes are placed on third-party sites and are played in the player from these sites, and the search engine only shows links to these videos.”

Alexei Birdin, the General Director of the Internet-Video company, which unites the virtual cinemas Ivi, Megogo, TVZavr, Amediateka, and TV1000Play, pointed out that there is indeed a problem with the distribution of pirated content in Yandex search.

“At the moment, Yandex search services represent the main source of traffic for pirated sites. The Yandex.Video service is the largest pirated video portal of the Runet,” he said.

According to J’son & Partners Consulting, the volume of the legal paid video services market in Russia increased by 42% in 2017, to 15.9 billion rubles. Online cinemas account for 71.6% of total video services revenue.

A year ago, copyright holders accused another service of the Russian internet giant, Yandex.Music, of expanding piracy. In the queue are Yandex.Traffic and Yandex.Weather.

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