Belarus: Digitization of health facilities in Minsk will be completed in two years

The digitization of health facilities in Minsk will be completed in two years. This was reported by the Chairman of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, Sergei Malyshko.

Over the course of two years, a single repository of medical information will be established.

“The principle of information following the patient is being implemented. The idea is to maintain a single electronic health database that will share information between hospitals, polyclinics, and ambulance services, and to expand electronic services, to develop mobile applications that will enable us to conduct a survey of Minsk citizens and also inform them about upcoming developments. The introduction of new modes of operation will improve the quality, availability and speed of medical care,” said Sergei Malyshko.

The official said that medicine in Belarus demonstrates a readiness for new technologies.

“We have virtually abandoned some paper documents in favor of electronic ones. Through the corporate network, there is a working exchange of medical information between institutions. Telemedicine systems are in place for digital fluorography, mammography, ECG. We are working on creating a “personal patient account,” and remote monitoring of lines in reception rooms, registries, trauma centers, and offices,”said Sergey Malyshko.

Translated from Digital Report: