Russia: Roskomnadzor is trying to desynchronize time

Roskomnadzor is trying to desynchronize time

A new ricochet from Roskomnadzor’s IP “carpet bombing” has struck the NTP – the network protocol resources used to synchronize the internal clocks of computers.

Based on the decision of the General Prosecutor’s Office of 27-31-2018 / ID 2971-81 for 16.04.2018, Roskomnadzor entered the IP address of the Russian version of NTP into its register of information forbidden for distribution.

This “friendly fire” strike on a not just innocent but also an extremely necessary service was first discovered by the executive director of the Association of Internet Publishers, one of the experts of the Internet Protection Society (OZI), Vladimir Kharitonov, as reported in his Twitter:

Sorry to bother you, but why is the RKN blocking the site with the time network? Is there extremism?” – 10:00 AM – May 22, 2018

We verified it. Indeed the IP address is blocked:


This IP-address belongs to the site


The IP addresses of the NTP services have fallen under this block in the context of Roskomnadzor’s struggle with Telegram. The first IP address blocks were recorded back in April of this year. Why Roskomnadzor and the Prosecutor General’s Office have gone to war against the exact time is not entirely clear.

Reference: is a huge cluster of time servers, providing a reliable and easy-to-use NTP service for millions of customers. Currently, tens of millions of systems around the world use the pool. It is used by default in most Linux distributions and in many network devices.

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