Russia: Dmitry Bogatov is officially free!


Charges against the Moscow mathematician have been officially dropped, after he was accused of calling for terrorism and attempting to organize mass disorder in the center of the capital.

As his wife, biologist Tatiana Fyodorova, reported in her Telegram channel, “Dima is now officially free!!!” The Moscow mathematician and Tor node administrator received an official decree on the termination of his criminal prosecution.

Later this information was confirmed by Dmitry himself. He also announced the receipt of a new agenda for May 25 for questioning at the Investigative Committee. Perhaps this concerns the case initiated against a resident of Stavropol, Vladislav Kuleshov, who became a new defendant in the course of Dmitry’s case.

Bogatov was accused of trying to organize mass riots (Part 1 of Article 30, Part 1 of Article 212 of the Criminal Code) and publicly calling for terrorism (Part 2 of Article 205.2 of the Criminal Code). The criminal case was connected with posts on the forum, posted by the user with the pseudonym “Airat Bashirov”.

The mathematician himself explained that he had a Tor host at his home, with the help of which any person could publish messages from his IP address.

In the spring of 2017, Bogatov was detained. He spent several months in jail, and was later transferred to house arrest. After the Ministry of Internal Affairs experts found no evidence of the mathematician’s involvement in the calls for terrorism or the attempted organization of mass riots, he was released with restrictions on his movement. One of the Moscow mathematician’s lawyers is the leading lawyer of RosKomSvoboda, Sarkis Darbinyan.

In a Facebook group created as part of the campaign to liberate Bogatov, all those who supported Dmitry were thanked for their care and desire to help, as this really is a common victory!

Translated from RosKomSvoboda: