Arkhip Kudrin aka Abaginsky

Arkhip Georgievich Kudrin (writer’s pseudonym Arkhip Abaginsky) (January 20, 1907, the village of Abaga, Olekminsky district of Yakut — September 22, 1960, Yakutsk) was a Yakut Soviet poet. He studied at the Irkutsk Pedagogical Institute (1930-32). His works were first printed in 1927, when a collection of his works was published, “Poems and Songs” (Стихи и песни) (1927). Later came “Step by Step” (Шаг за шагом) (1931), “From Victory to Victory” (От победы к победе) (1939), “Native Land” (Земля родная) (1950) and others. Some of his works had political themes. The poem “Shanghai” (1933) is devoted to the struggle of the Chinese people for national independence. The poem “I am the Son of the People” (Я — сын народа) (1938) addressed the topic of defending the fatherland. As a participant of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, Abaginsky published the cycle of poems “The West and the East” (Запад и Восток). He introduced the accentual verse into Yakut poetry for the first time.

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