Les-Cycles Re: Bicycle Recycling Initiative in Toulouse

In Toulouse, Les Cycles-Re wants to give second lives to broken and abandoned bikes

A circular economy project

– Giving a second life to broken and abandoned bicycles

The goal is to reinvent the way broken and abandoned bicycles are recycled.  Les Cycles-Re offers to give a second life to these bicycles destined for the scrap yard and thus extend their lifespan. The organization already started building a network to collect broken and/or abandoned bicycles, in particular from individuals, bike shops, companies and organizations.

– Manufacturing bike accessories from recycled materials

The remanufacturing process developed by Les Cycles-Re is guided by the desire to make the most of recycled materials. In this spirit, the tape forming the handlebars is made from couch leather from garbage dumps, and molded corks.

Project Page (French): https://www.zeste.coop/fr/decouvrez-les-projets/detail/les-cycles-re

Article Translated from Yonne Lautre (French): https://yonnelautre.fr/spip.php?article13917

Translated by Zebulon Ulysses Goertzel